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Process Pump Spare Parts

Moody Direct are authorised spare parts stockist for APV pumps and Tetra Pak pumps.

We are also approved suppliers of spare parts for other brands of pumps used in the dairy, soft drinks and liquid food processing industries including Fristam, GEA Hilge, Mono, Inoxpa, Alfa Laval, Waukesha, and Packo.

Alfa Laval Pump

As well as stocking a very comprehensive list of branded spare parts for all types of pumps, we have developed the Moody Panther pump, a general purpose, stainless steel, centrifugal pump for use on all hygienic food and liquid applications including milk, juice, beer, soft drinks, whey, and CIP fluids.

Although the Panther pump is based on the design of the Puma pump, the Moody Panther pump is not associated with APV.

Our range of Process Pump spares includes:

Seal Kits   /   Mechanical Seals   /   Body Seals   /   Rotors   /   Stators   /   Stub Shafts   /   Impellers   /   Lobes   /   Motors   /   Clamps   /   Shrouds   /   Feet   /   Bodies   /   Gear Boxes   /   Bearings

APV / SPX Alfa Laval GEA Hilge Fristam MasoSine®*
Puma Pump Series LKH Hygiana FSMFPM SPS1
W+ Series Solid-C Series Hygia FZ   SPS2
DW / Howard Cleanline MR Series Maxa FSP SPS3
TPM+ SRU Durietta FPH SPS4
ZM Series OptiLobe Sipla FPC SPS6
IPM & SSR OS Twin Screw Contra FL MR120
HL Series   Novalobe FP MR125
R Series   Maxana FM MR130
    CM2 FK MR135
      FKL MR150
      FDS MR160
Mono Depa Others    
SAC 316L Stainless Steel Lowara Ebara Pureflo
SLN 304 Stainless Steel Flotronic Wilden Sandpiper
SH30   Tapflo Waukesha Anema
SH40   PCM Jabsco ITT
MH   Simpson Fischer MDM
    Bran & Luebbe (SPX) Moyno IBEX
    Worthignton Johnson