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Alfa Laval Process Valves & Spare Parts

We supply spare parts and components for all the process valves listed below:

Ball Valves

SBV Valve
5308-5309 Valve

Butterfly Valves

LKB Range of Valves

Control Valves

LKC-2/LKC-H Valve
LKUV-2 Valve
SB Valve

Double Seat Valves

Unique Mixproof Valve
Unique Mixproof LP Valve
Unique Mixproof LP-F Valve
Unique Mixproof Valves TO

Regulating Valves

CPM Valve
SB Valve, Pressure Exhaust
SB Valve, Tank pressure
Unique RV-P Valve
Unique RV-ST Valve

Safety Valves

Safety Valve
SB Valve, Anti- Vaccum
SB Valve, Pressure Relief

Single Seat Valves

LKAP Valve
SB Valve, Mini Flow
Unique SSV Valve
Unique SSV Valve, Long Stroke
Unique SSV Valve, Manual Operation
Unique SSV Valve, Reverse Acting
Unique SSV Valve, Tangential
Unique SSV Valve, Tank Outlet
Unique SSV Valve, Two Step
Unique SSV Valve, Y Body

Other Valves

SMP-BC Valve
Unique DV-ST Valve, Ultrapure
Koltek Valve

If you don’t see the product you require, contact us and we will locate and competitively quote for fast delivery.